Opposition and regime requirements both already won on in the Congo

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While in the Congo, the voices of the Sunday elections are still being counted, the demands of both opposition and the regime in Kinshasa, the victory already. On the first official partial results, is certainly still wait until Tuesday.

The camp of oppositiekandidaat Felix Tshisekedi said on Monday that the initial results suggest that Tshisekedi in a neck-to-nekrace is engaged with Martin Fayulu, the other important oppositiekandidaat. Both would, according to the campaigner of Tshisekedi, more than forty percent of the votes won. Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, by current president Joseph Kabila designated as a service successor, would be only 13 percent of the voters can be convinced.

During a press conference that the camp-Ramazani Monday morning invested, sounded just the opposite. Without specific numbers to call said Nehemie Mwilanya, chief of staff of Kabila, that he was ‘absolutely sure’ of is that Ramazani elections has won. “For us, the victory is already fixed,” he said.

The completely opposite claims to follow in the chaotic ballot for Sunday, which was marked by logistical problems and at least two, possibly four dead. In the towns of Beni, Butembo and Yumbi if, in addition, more than 1.2 million Congolese their voice cast, officially because of the ebola and ethnic violence. While the victory on several sides already is claimed, is the count still, however, busy. Although the vote happened with computers, this is done manually. The electoral college makes the first official partial results expected on known.

Sexual violence

However, reports the French news agency AFP that several kiesbureaus in the cities of Kinshasa and Goma, results have been announced. In one stemkantoor in Goma would oppositiekandidaat Martin Fayulu 65 percent of the votes have achieved. Tshisekedi and Ramazani stranded both at 15 percent. Also in two already-counted polling stations in the capital, Kinshasa, would Ramazani as the most popular candidate emerged. Less than half of the number of voters challenged on it.

At the same time, there are also reports about armed clashes coming in. The mission of the catholic church reports to AFP that observers were barred from several polling stations. ‘It is against some of our observers, the use of violence, even sexual violence, ” she announces.

According to Reuters would be as good as all the mobile internet connections in Kinshasa and Goma since Monday offline. Whether there is a correlation with the presidential elections, is not clear.

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