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No. 2 the manufacturer of the crypto-machines sitting in the Czech Republic – Coin Hero

No. 2 the manufacturer of the crypto-machines sitting in the Czech Republic

Home News no. 2, the manufacturer of the crypto-machines sitting in the Czech Republic

Matthias Nemack –

Who is not to be understood just as an Insider in the crypto area, knows all the important Details to Bitcoin and co., will be surprised by this Information, perhaps. Because the most important manufacturers of crypto ATMs have their headquarters not in China or the United States.

Bitcoins can increasingly be lifted

In the East of Europe there are many young people quite a growing interest in Ethereum, Ripple, and some of the smaller crypto-currency. Nevertheless, the demand is as usual, especially in Asia, in the United States, Canada and increasingly in countries of South America, or Saudi Arabia. In many of these countries, investors can drag for some time on digital currencies to the ATM and exchange it with Fiat money or other crypto to pay for currencies.

The most important buyer countries are the largest producers

However, although with approximately 2,300 devices, the lion’s share of all of these (more than 4,000), the ATM has been installed in the United States and in the neighboring country of Canada, after all, more than 600 models are used: The production takes place in large Parts in a completely different place. Almost a third of all crypto-ATM is manufactured by the company “General Bytes”, in the beautiful Czech Republic. The number 1 is located, so to speak, at the other end of the world – more specifically in Puerto Rico. By the way: as Well as Czech, investors and crypto-Fans will be able to control machines in many places.

Austria in Europe is using most of the machines

Alone in the capital, for example, there are, according to current statistics, about two-thirds of all the Land available for 65 devices. Within Europe, the Austrian market, with about 260 devices are currently the most important market for the manufacturers of the machines. The Boom in Germany is, unfortunately, due, in particular, due to the unclear legal situation. Maybe the new year of 2019 finally brings the decisive turning point in this point.

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