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Newsflash: BTC price prediction, Ethereum Constantinople & Stellar DEX

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Newsflash: BTC price prediction, Ethereum Constantinople & Stellar DEX

Home News Newsflash: BTC price prediction, Ethereum Constantinople & Stellar DEX

Marcel Knobloch –

To the financial statements, there are, once again, collected News from the crypto-Space, of a new price prediction for Bitcoin from Bobby Leee, about news for Ethereum Constaninople Updgrade to the latest news from the Stellar lumen Decentralized Exchange (DEX).

Bitcoin price prediction by Bobby Lee

Lee, the co-founder of the Hong Kong-based crypto-exchange BTCC claimed to have calculated that Bitcoin will reach in 2020 a value of 333,000 USD. His statement is based on calculations on the dramatic and cyclic increase and decrease in the price of BTC in the past, has fallen by about 87% in 2013 to 2015.

After the next Halving of Bitcoin to the 27. In may 2020, the price of BTC, based on historic fluctuations could increase until December, 2021 to 333,000 USD to fall and then returns to 41,000 USD in January 2023, Lee.

Ethereum Constantinople Upgrade

The Release Manager for the Parity Ethereum Clients recently stated via Twitter that Ethereum is on the right path, be Constantinople-Upgrade on the 16. To publish in January.

The Upgrade will implement a series of functions for developers, the biggest Change is the reduction of the Block reward by 3 ETH per Block to 2 ETH per Block. In return for this, the Upgrade also aims to delay the “Difficuly Bomb,” an algorithm at the network layer, which increases the difficulty for the creation of a new block exponentially, and as a preparation for the Transition of the Ethereum network for Proof-of-Stake (PoS) aims to serve.

Stellar DEX

Interstellar, the decentralized exchange (DEX) based on the Stellar network, has just launched a major Upgrade.

With Interstellar v3.5 we have taken our one and only amazing Feature, the crypto-Asset Swap, and made of something Good, something Insanely Great. It now allows anyone to switch between any two cryptographic Assets to the SDEX (Stellar Decentralized Exchange), even without a direct market between these two crypto-Assets. We achieve this by finding the best PATH between any two Assets, and only the best way to exchange a crypto-Asset with a different one. Therefore, the internal codenamed: PathFinder.

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