Leave A Light On ” by Tom Walker the number 1, 2018 at Qmusic

212d191db38f99e6439199c9cda9d17d - Leave A Light On " by Tom Walker the number 1, 2018 at Qmusic

The final hours of 2018 are discussed, it is high time for a list of the 100 most favorite songs of the past year, chosen by the Q-listeners. Felice Blankets made today, december 31, for a summary with the Favorite 100 from 12.00 to 19.00 at Qmusic.
The absolute number 1 is Tom Walker with his moving song ‘Leave A Light On’. Regi-stroke with ‘Ellie’ down to a creditable second place, and should therefore, is the highest ranked Belgian. Its passage in the Q Beach House is for Regi in his top three shows of all time. The love seems mutual, because the Q-listeners gave him the silver medal. Canadian Shawn Mendes was last year at number 1 with ‘There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back “and close this year the top 3 with “In My Blood”.
Regi is not the only Belgian artist to have a place in the list of conquers. Niels Destadsbader, Lost Frequencies, Emma Bale, and Milo Meskens to dive under the other in the Favorite 100. Avicii is four times in the list, he left the music world in mourning behind when this year it became known that he died. His highest ranked hit was ‘Wake Me Up’ on place 54.

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