KLM does not want a tax-free products on board to sell more

The Dutch airline KLM wants to be in 2019 of the tax-free sales on board its flights. ‘That tax-free articles deliver nowadays is very low due to the competition of online stores, but take up space and weight consuming, ” says a spokeswoman.

In addition, the duty-free prices are not as low as passengers expect, writes The Telegraph Monday. On the internet there are often cheaper deals to do.

KLM’s staff has mixed feelings, because they what extra can earn on the boordverkoop of articles. But the tax-free sale, provide them with extra work. The works council must still provide advice about the proposal of the management board. That is not, however, obliged to which advice to follow.

KLM will in the future generate more revenue from additional services, such as check-in baggage, meals, stoelkeuzes and package holidays with flight and hotel. That would be 250 million euros in additional sales to generate.

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