Kevin Hart buys vintage cars for his team

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He shared in a Mustang from 1965 and a VW in the fifties.

Kevin Hart did his team amazed when he was eight classic cars gift, to the end of his tour to celebrate.

The 39-year-old actor has spent the past months working hard on his Irresponsible tour. That came earlier this month at an end and to celebrate the success, decided to Kevin, his appreciation for his colleagues to show with an extravagant gift.

The star from Night School told his fans on Instagram that he had eight classic cars had bought for his colleagues, including a yellow VW and a cream Mustang.

“The tour is over and I have my team said that I am something special was going to do. They had no idea what it was.” I have my whole team is surprised with old cars,” said Kevin in a video, before the cars showed up.

“I mean it when I say that my team love, without them I would not be where I am.”

After Kevin, the car’s present had done, let different team members on social media to see how happy they are with their gift.

Ron ‘Boss’ Everline wrote on Instagram: “@Kevinhart4real has just had the entire team is surprised with a brand-new vintage cars! This is incredible! Thank you. Love you.”

And Joey Wells, who is the yellow VW received, wrote on Instagram: “Man! For all you VW fans. @Kevinhart4real has me a beetle from 1956!”

On Sunday, joked Kevin with his followers that he and the team now have their own oldtimerclub going to start. “I and my boys are a car started, we are the ‘Plastic Cup Boyz Car Club’ … we get coats and hats and gloves without fingertips …. We drink coffee and talk cars on Sunday, ” he wrote.

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