Jeroen Meus is heading on burn-out’

42d3029ce857f3d503fb21403bca63f8 - Jeroen Meus is heading on burn-out'

That 2018 a peak year for Jeroen Meus, everyone knows that. Although, it was a year with ups and downs for the cook. His Daily routine runs is still good, and also the other tv-projects of Jeroen Meus seem to score, to in the Netherlands even. Although there was the collapse of the Würst, on the other hand, if Jeroen Meus climb to the presentations of Two To The Sixth Power, the program of Bart De Pauw. Soon we will get the meanwhile, recorded episodes will also be effective. Just about everything that Jeroen Meus touches seems to be gold to change. But behind every corner hides a danger, and one of those dangers would be a burn-out. “Because he had too much hay on his fork, heading Jeroen Meus on a burn-out. He must have his career on the back burner and feel that in his wallet”, we read this week in All. In the weekly magazine tells Sylvia De Laet and how they are the future of Jeroen Meus in 2019 see. Whether or not they will get right, we will, at the latest, within about 365 days.

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