Jelle Cleymans peter of baby gorilla

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Who visits the gorillas often and enjoy them just to observe?
Who played a gorillaverzorger full of passion in the musicalspektakel ZOO or Life?
Anyone who depends sometimes the monkey in the Flemish BV country?
Who took it with much enthusiasm and pride the role of peter in itself?
Only one person: Jelle Cleymans!

“From childhood on already, I am extremely fascinated by the great apes. With them, I’m always extra long on a walk through the ZOO,” says Jelle. “The little one conquered immediately my heart from day one. The way her mom her hold and everywhere you go carries, I find very touching. And now they are visible begins to grow, and with her pitch-black eyes begin to see, that the peter of every day, a little prouder! I think it is sincerely a great honor, that I have a very small amount connected am with this wonderful new life in our ZOO.”

Jelle will also be given the honor and the pleasure to work with the carers to have a name beginning with a T to choose from the suggestions of the visitors. Until 6 January, anyone can naamsuggestie lost in the shop from ZOO Antwerp.

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