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“Hamilton, like Senna and Schumacher once again raising the bar laid”

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According to Ross Brawn has Lewis Hamilton in the past year to raise the bar a little more, laid. He has, just like Senna and Schumacher in their time, the credentials to a higher level.

Hamilton put out in 2018, his fifth world title in the bag in an impressive manner. Despite the stronger opposition, first from the corner of Ferrari and Red Bull, were it yet again Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes at the longest end went.

The managing director of motorsport of F1, Ross Brawn, took out, in particular, the exceptional qualifying rounds for the GP of Singapore. Everyone expected Hamilton third would be but with a great performance he parked his Mercedes still on the pole for Brawn a fine example of how he raised the bar a little more explained.

“Sometimes a rider a performance that you don’t expect,” said Brawn in ‘Motorsport.’ “There were a couple of moments, in particular during the qualifying, Lewis has done that.”

“The people looked with open mouth to. That are so of those things where you don’t know where that performance came. Everyone thinks to know what the benchmark is, but then a rider suddenly something causing that change.”

“I have had the good fortune of that a few times to see Michael Schumacher but we have also seen in riders like Ayrton Senna. I think we got it this year also a few times when Lewis Hamilton have seen.”

“Those are things you remember because as an engineer you can almost not understand where something comes from. It is, as it were, a surreal level that they reach and it also always remains especially when you get a rider something to see.”

Outside of the hymn about Lewis Hamilton wanted Brawn also talk about the rest of the last season. He is not entirely unhappy about it, but he at the same time expresses its concern about the fact that the gap between the top teams and the midfield is still very large, has remained.

“We have an exciting season with a lot of action on the track,” Brawn continued. “We also have the exceptional performance from Lewis Hamilton. He has the whole season, constantly driven, no mistakes are made, and relatively patient remained because he had probably not the best car.”

“So it was a good year. The only downside is the fact that we’re still in a situation where we have six dominant cars and fourteen other that there to far behind.”

“We must continue to work to find a solution so that we the performance of the entire field for a shorter time together,” concludes Brawn.

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