Growing your own: the family Welvaert their drugsverleden behind them?

6bb637e72e776ca0b06ae2a6f0eb8c8a - Growing your own: the family Welvaert their drugsverleden behind them?

A nieuwjaarscadeau of format: from Tuesday 1 January, viewers can use on One for the last time for six weeks to enjoy the adventures of the family Welvaert. Sien Eggers, Dirk Van Dijck, Wim Willaert, Rhoda Montemayor, Sebastien Dewaele, Maaike Cafmeyer, and Liesa Naert once again in the skin of the warm potato growers from the West-Flemish Wijtschate.

The long-awaited third season of growing your Own takes up the thread again with the cliffhanger of the second season: Chantal realizes that the brother of ‘den Ollander’ spoke the truth and the family Welvaert indeed weed under her nose has grown. But can Chantal prove this? Driven she goes on an investigation. The new, Antwerp commissioner Rene Vanderlinden, played by Peter Van Den Begin, it looks like Chantal wanted to have, and puts a stop to her research.

When the family Welvaert is the voltage to cut. Frank and Jerry are finally pregnant again, and get more than they expect. Jos wants to put a point behind his career as a aardappelteler and Steven tries to ensure that his pregnant ex-girlfriend Chick her mouth over the movies. The family Welvaert, there doesn’t seem to manage their wietverleden to shake off, because a new threat is them on the heels.

Check out season three of his Own Breeding every Tuesday around 20: 30 on One, or wherever you are via or Proximus TV app. Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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