‘Germany must have more responsibility in the world’

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The German chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday in her traditional new year’s speech that it is in the interest of Germany is to be the world more, to take responsibility, at a time when multilateralism is under pressure.

In her speech, which is Monday at 18 hours was broadcast, noted Merkel that the old certainties in the area of international cooperation to the test. But not a single global challenge – such as climate change, migration and the fight against terrorism – with one country only be resolved, warned they.

‘In our own interest we need to take responsibility’, ” she continued. According to the chancellor, Germany will, in 2019 and 2020 and one of the seats of non-permanent members of the UN Security council will occupy, campaigning for ‘global solutions’. Merkel also pledged to the humanitarian and development assistance to increase, as well as the defence budget. Although the American president Donald Trump, not name calling, it was her message is clearly intended as a criticism of Trumps unilateralism.

European Union

Merkel also said that she is determined to make the European Union more robust and able to make decisions. “And with Britain we want a close cooperation was maintained despite the withdrawal from the European Union”, she added.

What the domestic politics are concerned, recognised Merkel and many Germans, the ruling coalition who joined in march – an alliance between her conservative block, consisting of CDU and CSU and the social democratic SPD – not unwilling. “But we can meet the challenges of our time only respond if we stay together, and collaborate with others across borders.’

In 2015, decided to Merkel to the borders open for more than a million refugees, mainly war refugees from the Middle East. Dissatisfaction over this decision led to the rise of the antimigratiepartij Alternative für Deutschland (AfD). The party was at the federal elections of last year, its entry into the Bundestag, making the political landscape in Germany is fragmented hit.

To the discontent in her party to take away has Merkel, the leadership of the CDU specified. Her mandate as chancellor, she wants to finish, something where she is in her new year’s speech again referred to.

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