Former leader of American troops in Afghanistan: ‘Trump is a liar without a moral sense’

Stanley McChrystal, viersterrengeneraal on peace and former commander of U.s. troops in Afghanistan, has in an interview hard out at Donald Trump. He called the American president “a liar”.

“I do not believe that he speaks the truth”, said the former ceo of the American army in the ABC program This week. “He is a liar, without moral sense.’

‘All Americans would be for the mirror to move and aloud, wondering what they stand for. Where America stands for. Am I really willing to make unacceptable things to accept, ignore, simply because it allows other things to be accomplished that I do like? We want to be ruled by someone so seedy that we’re not even a zakendeal would like to close? I don’t think so, I think that in contrast with who we are. In times like these, it is therefore necessary to take a position.’

McChrystal also responded to the resignation of secretary of Defense James Mattis (who earlier this month resigned because he disagreed with Trump in connection with the withdrawal of troops from Syria). “If someone as dedicated as Mattis leaves, we should reflect for a moment on the reason of his resignation. Why he did it? We must then wonder what a commander-in-chief we have.”

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