Fifteen suspects arrested for murder of Nordic tourists in Morocco

bb41bd80f86cfb0c87b9e0ec4e43aef8 - Fifteen suspects arrested for murder of Nordic tourists in Morocco

Terreurexpert Abdelhak Khiam in Rabat

A specialised investigating judge in Rabat decide today on the fate of fifteen persons suspected of involvement in the (terrorist) assassination in the Atlas mountains. Among them, reportedly, also a Swiss extremist. Two Scandinavian young women, Louisa and Buts, were in the middle of december lifeless found.

The Moroccan court is busy with the murder case of two Scandinavian tourists. Louisa, a 24-year-old Danish student, and Maren, a 28-year-old woman from Norway, about two weeks ago, lifeless found just outside a small mountain village in the High Atlas, at the foot of the 4.167-metre high mount Toubkal. According to the police were the traces of violence almost immediately to a terrorist act think.

In the meantime, there are four hoofdverdachten for some time on suspicion of the murder, nine other suspects were arrested because of their links with the four. The hoofdverdachten would a terrorist cell run that ‘inspiration for the ideology of IS, but without links with the framework in Syria or Iraq, ” says the Marrokkaanse terreurexpert Abdelhak Khiam. The chief of the terrorist cell, the 25-year-old Abdessamad Ejjoud, was in the past, been condemned for his plans to the army of the caliphate to join.

Radicalised Swiss

Also in Morocco, residing at Swiss, the Spanish nationality, and according to the police ‘radicalised’, was yesterday in Marrakech, in the shackles struck. He would be the other suspects have taught in new technologies and to have them trained in shooting practice. A and another hit yesterday known through legal sources.

The public prosecutor of Rabat has today provided more explanation. The fifteen persons who shall be brought in the anti-terrorism investigating judge are all suspected of bendevorming, preparing and committing acts of terrorism, killing, and defending/glorifying terrorism. The public prosecutor asks the further detention of all suspects that are already fixed.

Video on social media

The two women were part of a group of five friends who were backpacking through Morocco to the trips were. Three of them chose to go surfing, but the two victims had more sense in a walk.

Both in Morocco and in Denmark and Norway touches the case, tempers, certainly, because through the social media a video of the atrocity is being spread. The movie would be as ‘authentic’ are considered. According to the Danish intelligence services (PET) shows the extremely violent video, the murder of one of the two women. One of the murderers speaks repeatedly of the words ‘enemies of Allah’.

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