Ex-bodyguard Macron once again discredited

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The French parquet is the last weekend started a new study to Alexandre Benalla, the previously discredited ex-employee of the French president, Emmanuel Macron. Benalla also continued after his resignation from his diplomatic passports.

Benalla is suspected that, after his resignation in July, when the Elysée him at the door put because beating a helpless protester – are diplomatic passports used for business trips to Africa and Israel. At the beginning of december, he was, according to Le Monde and Mediapart , for example, in Chad, short for Macron thither travelled. He would during these trips his presidential connections in addition to have used to consultancy contracts in the contracts.

The former bodyguard of the French president admits that he ” because of the ease-of-use’ his diplomatic passport over the last few weeks is to continue to use. To the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche , he promised the passports, ‘the coming days’ back in to deliver.

“I’m perhaps wrongly, that passports continue to use it’, says Benalla. “But I have only done for the ease of use, to make it easier by the luchthavencontroles to come. I did so for my personal comfort, and in no case for the representation of business interests. I don’t see even how that passports would be able to serve.”

‘The fuss is disproportionate’

The Elysée responding “surprised” at the news and said that it was not aware of the facts. It emphasizes that the ministry of Foreign Affairs after the resignation of Benalla in July written his diplomatic passports requested, at the express request of the Macron, and twice.

Benalla then again says that he is the passports at the end of August had indeed returned to the Elysée, but that he made them at the beginning of October received back from an employee of the president, during an interview at the presidential palace. ‘As a result, I saw no reason why the passports are not to be used”, he defends himself. ‘All the fuss that is created, is completely disproportionate.’

Abuse of trust

The French court thinks otherwise, however and opened a new investigation into Benalla, reported Paris prosecutor Remy Heitz. He is suspected of abuse of confidence and illegal use of an official document.

Benalla told Journal du Dimanche that he after his resignation, still regularly had contact with Macron, through the encrypted messaging service Telegram. ‘I cannot deny that we still regularly have spoken, because all the messages are still on my phone, ” she said. A revelation which is very inconvenient for Macron, after weeks of protests by the yellow shirts.

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