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eToro now with a private Crypto-Fund!

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New to eToro: Crypto copy portfolio

The popular Social Trading platform eToro is introducing a new product on the market, which is a so-called copy portfolio of the leading crypto currencies.

For those new to the term copy portfolio of nothing says:

“Copy portfolio investment products, which combine a collection of financial assets. The assets are selected according to a predetermined strategy and re-selected.“

In the case of the new Crypto-copy portfolio in case of eToro there is the collection of financial assets from crypto-currencies. More specifically, currently, of Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Dash, Ethereum Classic and Litecoin. The vorgegbene strategy for selection: in the case of eToro, the Portfolio only from the crypto-currencies with a market capitalization of at least USD 1 billion and an average daily Trading volume of at least USD 20 million have, together. The Fund will balanced from the eToro investment Committee each month. Currencies that do not meet the above criteria will be removed.

Especially for those people who 1) “just for the money want to invest because” in crypto-currencies, and 2)neither the time nor the desire have to do with the technical aspects of Bitcoin, Ethereum and co., is this type of Investment is probably one of the easiest ways to get a piece of the “crypto-cake”.

You can sign up here at eToro and get started immediately!

But warning: Trading involves risks, and this article does not constitute investment advice! Please inform yourself in advance about what is eToro and how Trading works there and what are the risks of it.

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