Elizabeth Warren is presidential candidate U.s. primaries

The influential senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts has Monday announced candidate in the Democratic primaries of 2020 for the White House. Warren said that they have opportunities for all Americans, and not just the rich.

About thirteen months before in the state of Iowa, the first voting in the primaries to be released, it announced that Warren Monday on an exploratory commission on the leg to bring them funds can acquire, and people in key positions for her campaign. Then she can be the formal shot at the highest office.

The democrat has in the past criticised the current president, Trump. Warren said in a video Monday that her vision is to give all Americans opportunities to offer, and not just the rich. “That the United States for which I fight. That is why I an exploratory committee.”

Warren is the first prominent candidate for the presidency. That is now in the hands of the Republican Donald Trump.

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