Company British after Brexit from need help, still owned not a single ship

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One of the shipping companies that the British government hired to after a any hard Brexit extra ferry services to carry out, it appears that not a single vessel to possess. The society, however within a few months all between Ostend and Ramsgate boating.

The British ministry of Transport closed the past few months for 107 million pounds (120 million euros) contracts with ferry companies that are additional connections between Britain and the mainland have to take care of. In the contracts is to read that the border checks that the result will be a hard Brexit ‘could lead to a delay in the delivery of essential goods’. Read: the British fear of empty store shelves by monsterfiles to the ports.

On the contracts was criticized, because the usual procedure of the public procurement procedure was not followed. According to the ministry of Transport because of the ‘urgency of the situation’. Now also shows, however, that one of the contracted companies, the shipping company Seaborne Freight, between Ostend and Ramsgate, it must go boating, have no experience with springs. In fact, the company owns not even ships, writes The Guardian Monday.

Seaborne Freight would only plan to buy ships and to convert between Ostend and Ramsgate just before 29 march, the day on which the United Kingdom from the European Union get. The shipping company wants to start with two vessels, and in the summer to extend for a further two vessels.

Logic search

The question of how a company without ships a overheidscontract to the value of 15.5 million euro in the wait could drag, for an operation that within a few months to start.

‘The British government is examined, with which company she is in the sea gone?’, asks the conservative councillor Paul Messenger from Ramsgate in The Guardian. “What is the logic behind the choice for a shipping company that had never before sailed, and even no ships? That is never a truck on the Canal boat.’


Seaborne Freight gives in a communiqué that the start of spring a month and a half delay. Therefore, there can be only at the end of march to be started, instead of mid-February. Further, would the company according to own statements since 2017 to operate the ferry between Ostend and Ramsgate to breathe new life into. Who loved in 2013, after the collapse of ferry company TransEuropa. “During that development phase, the appropriate ships searched, there are agreements with the ports of Ramsgate and Oostende and is searched for employees, the company informs.

The British government, for its part, has let us know that she was aware that Seaborne Freight is still no single vessel possession. ‘We knew that it is a new shipping company, that as part of its services for ships. As with all contracts, we carefully review the commercial, technical and financial position of the company reviewed, before anything was signed.’

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