Bohemian rhapsody of Queen in 1 in 1000 classics of Radio 2

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The Radio 2 listeners have again numerous to make their voices heard: they chose their favorite 1000 classics. For the eighth time knew Queen with ‘Bohemian rhapsody’ the number 1 to conquer. That made Anja Daems and Cathérine Vandoorne just announced on Radio 2. The list of 1000 classics, contains songs from a total of nine decades, with a strong representation of the sixties and seventies. ‘Dancing queen’ by ABBA is at number 2, ‘Thriller’ of Michael Jackson at the 3.
Who are the most popular artists in the 1000 classics this year? Also here wins the Queen: there will be no less than 14 tracks of the group in the list, and she is even a fifteenth time in a duet with David Bowie in. Also here is ABBA on position 2 with 13 songs in the list. Also Flemish artists here do good: so Will Tura 9 times in the list, Clouseau 8 times, just like our northern neighbour Marco Borsato.

Some of the facts of this 1000 classics:
* The year 1984 is the absolute favorite of the listeners of Radio 2: up to 45 numbers from this year are in the list.
* The oldest number in the 1000 classics is ‘In the mood’ by Glenn Miller from 1939.
* The highest new entry is ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams, at 171. The song dates back to 2013.
* The 80’s and 70’s are the best represented in the list, respectively, 301 and 281 songs from these decades.
* There are 162 Flemish productions in the list, and 159 Dutch-language songs.
* The shortest songs in the list take just 1 minute and 50 seconds: ‘Great balls of fire’ by Jerry Lee Lewis and ‘The letter’ by The Box Tops. The longest song lasts 13 minutes and 16 seconds: ‘Shine on you crazy diamond’ by Pink Floyd.
* The fastest riser this year is ‘Hallelujah’ by Leonard Cohen, that up to 744 wins and 992 to 248 jumps this year.

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