Black by Pearl Jam again at 1 in The timeless Studio Brussels

8841c9cc9c13720577e12a792c6f9cbf - Black by Pearl Jam again at 1 in The timeless Studio Brussels

For the fourth year in a row it was ‘Black’ from Pearl Jam to number 1 voted in The timeless Studio Brussels. That is the list of the hundred most timeless plates according to the Studio Brussel listeners. ‘Bohemian rhapsody’ by Queen is on the second place, ‘Smells like teen spirit” of Nirvana completes the podium.

It is already a long-standing tradition: every year on december 31, send Studio Brussel The timeless. Presenters of service were to good practice Roos Van Acker and Steven Lemmens. It is striking that ‘Black’ by Pearl Jam already four times in a row, was voted the most timeless picture. In addition, there is a tremendously strong riser to note this year: ‘The chain’ by Fleetwood Mac was last year, at number 81, but rises to 14. In addition, Metallica Fleetwood Mac is the only band that no less than 4 times in The timeless state.
There will also be this year a lot of women are new arrivals in The timeless: 6 of the 12 newcomers this year are women. So does ‘Respect’ by Aretha Franklin at number 25, and ‘I say a little prayer’ at number 55, sings Amy Winehouse ‘Back to black’ at place 30, while ‘Feeling good’ by Nina Simone on place 57 new arrives. Three notable newcomers include Goose (‘Synrise’), The War on Drugs (“Red eyes”) and Disturbed (‘Sound of silence’): relatively young, songs with a lot of timeless potential.

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