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Beerschot Wilrijk exempt player who positively tested on drugs

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KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk has Faysel Kasmi dismiss. The 23-year-old midfielder last week Sunday for a positive drug test taken during an alcohol screening involve in Antwerp.

The Antwerp police stopped last week Sunday, in the early hours of an alcohol screening involve on the Old Leeuwenrui, near the skippers ‘ quarter. One of the directors who were on the side were taken, was Faysel Kasmi of KFCO Beerschot Wilrijk. He blew on positively and was found was 0.37 mg/l alcohol in his blood. A speekseltest also identified that drugs had been used.

The club has now decided to cancel the contract with immediate effect to disconnect it. The midfielder is no longer the core and leaves on Wednesday, so not on stage.

“I have me act like a retarded idiot and I pay now the price for it. […] I had better be careful: I ended up between the wrong people at the wrong time and I took the wrong decision by a drink to which I should have known that I aside had to scroll’, wrote Kasmi Wednesday in an open letter. “But I hid behind excuses: I have the verkloot and no one else. I have my family, my club and my managers are completely left in the lurch by one very idiotic decision.’

At Beerschot Wilrijk came Kasmi, who has a past with Lierse and Standard, this season still but little to offer. He was one of the newcomers on the Keel and had a contract of a year.

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