A lot of famous deaths in november 2018

1141a28ef4584809ac0217144c670390 - A lot of famous deaths in november 2018

We start our overview of november on 10 november. When we had to say goodbye to André From the North at the age of 57. The great actor Stan Lee died on november 12, and that at the age of 95.

Actress Kim Porter was less than 47 and died on 15 november. Ricky Jay is an American actor where we say farewell on 24 november, he was 72.

The great director Bernardo Bertolucci was 77 and died on 26 november. The same day died also the Belgian writer Luc Deflo, (see photo), he was for a long time already seriously ill, and was barely 60.

Actor Manfred De Graaf from the Netherlands was 79 and died on november 27.

Finally, they had to in America also say goodbye to ex-president George H. W. Bush. He died at age 94 on november 30.

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