Trump: ‘Death of children at the border is only and solely the fault of Democrats and their pathetic policy’

af4f4875c396529d675e20db78762f9a - Trump: ‘Death of children at the border is only and solely the fault of Democrats and their pathetic policy’

The American president Donald Trump mentions the death of two children on the border between his country and Mexico is the fault of the Democrats. “The wall will solve everything.’

On christmas eve, it was Felipe Gomez Alonzo (8) rushed to the hospital because he was sick looked like. The boy, who as a migrant, the country wanted to enter with his parents, was at the border, arrested, and died a few hours later. The death came barely three weeks after the death of the 7-year-old Jakelin Caal Maquin, who died after the border police her along with her parents had picked up.

There came a wave of criticism after the death of the two children. President Trump said Saturday that he did not feel. On the contrary: it extends the zwarte piet to the Democrats.

The wall

‘The death of children or other people at the border are only the fault of the Democrats and their pathetic immigration policy’, wrote Trump on Twitter. “It helps people make the long journey to our country because they think our country illegally can enter. But they cannot do that. If we have a wall, they would not even try it.’

The American president loved it. ‘The two children in question were already very sick before she joined the border police camps. The father of the girl himself has said that it is their fault. He had given her the day before, no water given. The border police has the wall and then it will all be fixed. They work so hard and get so little credit.’


The discussion on the wall and the budget in the US is the country partially silent. When the shutdown will end, is still unclear. “For those who naively wonder why the Republicans still do not have permission for the wall: in the senate have ten Democrats to vote. But they say no safe borders”, says Trump. ‘Now we have it the hard way, via a shutdown, and that is a pity.’

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