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Tone Vays: Bitcoin Bullrun in 2019 will exceed Altcoins | Coin Hero

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Tone Vays: Bitcoin Bullrun in 2019 will exceed Altcoins

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Marcus Misiak –

Tone Vays, a former Wall Street Trader and former Vice President at JP Morgan Chase, said in an Interview recently about how he has the crypto Space in 2018 is perceived and what is expected for 2019. He explained that he is a Bitcoin Bull Run 2019 is expected, wherein he does not believe that the Altcoins to the extent that the Bitcoin will rise.

In a new Interview with Cointelegraph Vays 2018 declared as the end of the Altcoins. On the question of what was the “most important event of the crypto Space in 2018,” said Vays on the decline in the Bitcoin price, and the correlated collapse of a majority of the Altcoins. The Trader, formerly at J. P. Morgan, said that the long bear market in the year 2018 is significantly different than in the year 2014 or 2015:

I think the biggest event for 2018 must be the falling price of Bitcoin, not only for Bitcoin, but for the entire crypto Space. For me, this is something completely different than what happened in 2014 or 15. I believe that this time, the Altcoin bubble will not return. I think that will be the big difference. I think that the most critical is the most event fact that this was the Altcoin bubble. I don’t expect the Altcoins to come back.

Vays believes that “the Implosion of Bitcoin Cash”, which has led to the creation of Bitcoin, SV, “has shown how irrelevant these Altcoins are”.

I enjoy of this year to 2018, actually, because of the Implosion of the Altcoins.

What concerns Bitcoin, says Vays that it is anything other than dead.

The year 2019 will be the end of the Bitcoin bear market and the beginning of another Bitcoin Bull Market. This time, with Sidechains, with scale, with privacy, and I can’t wait.

Vays, the is a more traditional derivatives trader and Bitcoin consultant, is a well-known die – hard Bitcoin fans. Vays also stated its forecast for the crypto-currency industry that is moving towards the year 2019, and noted that the consumer will realize that Bitcoin is not dead and will not die. Vays noted that the fact that the BTC could be reversed in the year 2019, could also start for traders to dawn, and added that he personally believes that a reversal in the second half of the year 2019 and not at the beginning.

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