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Sanne Cant beats Dutch duo and wins thriller in Diegem

31282501c3687272bb38408db393ca6c - Sanne Cant beats Dutch duo and wins thriller in Diegem

Sanne Cant has Sunday night the sixth round of the Superprestige on her name. The world champion vloerde after a thrilling race in the final sprint the Dutch ladies Annemarie Sausage and Denise Betsema.

The start in Diegem was marred by a crash in the back rows, without the very for the top immediately, then the bevels were presented. And there it went for a lot of ladies are wrong. Ellen Van Loy was the first to a slider, also for Sanne Cant and Ceylin Alvarado ran the error. It made sure that Eva Lechner a lot of lengths gift received and only on the head came.

Also Annemarie Sausage went well over the bevel and made the crossing to the Italian, which a bit later as foot to the ground was up to and just before the first passage of the finish line three seconds price had to give up on Sausage. Behind them lay the field still varies by the delay of the bevel and it was Betsema on for eight seconds followed, Cant looked already at a disadvantage of 18 count.

In the second round had Cant again a difficult passage on the bevel and reed Sausage road in Lechner, who, however, not immediately won over. After round two was the European champion in front, followed at a few lengths by Lechner, a large group with Kaptheijns, Alvarado, Betsema, Cant and Verdonschot followed 15 count.

On the difficult course had Sausage in front as throttle, Lechner picked up again. Kaptheijns was also not far more, Betsema and Cant followed on place four and five. In the fourth round, made the Worst of a bad passage, on the sloping side and she ended up in the chasing group. Lechner popped up with five seconds bonus the final lap, but they would ultimately still Cant, Sausage and Betsema back to see times. We got a thriller in the finale, there was much gebikkeld and Cant be turned by a clever a maneuver as the first, the last straight line. In the long sprint that followed, took a Cant the for the Worst and Betsema.

By her victory takes Cant the lead in the Superprestige with 75 points, Sausage counts, 74. As leader Alice Maria Arzuffi not even in the top ten ended, she is now third with 63 points.

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