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Review of the crypto-week

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The Blockchain and the crypto world is full of innovations, conjectures, and sometimes completely wrong predictions. If you missed the Top Stories this week, you will find here a comprehensive insight into the Top headlines. In the world of Cryptocurrency and the Blockchain, a lot has happened.

Bitwala launches first German crypto-Bank

Bitwala calls the first German crypto-Bank

Bitwala, a global Blockchain-based payment service provider with headquarters in Berlin, Germany, has introduced in Germany, a crypto-Banking Service. Bitwala is the first company that offers such a thing. Was founded Bitwala in October 2015 by Jörg von Minckwitz, Jan Goslicki, and Benjamin P. Jones.
The user can now make both Bitcoin and Euro deposits and, in the same place, with the security and accessibility of a German Bank account. With a Bitwala account, a debit card and a built-in Bitcoin Wallet, with the included crypto-trade is available to the user. All Euro deposits up to an amount of € 100,000 are protected by the German Deposit guarantee system (DGS), as Bitwala is regulated in Germany by the BaFin.

Will Venture Capital be deducted because of the bear market?

Will Venture Capital be deducted because of the bear market?

2018 was a tough year for the crypto-market, with scams, Hacks, raids, falling prices, and much more. Until the beginning of 2018, many thought that the crypto market in 2018, at last, reached the Mainstream. Some say that this is the inevitable price correction, which was necessary, while others say that crypto-currencies will fall to 0, or disappear.
Although 2018 was a rough year for crypto, lately, positive news emerged. Despite the price decline, the number of users has doubled compared to the beginning of 2018. And in spite of the current crash, open more countries for crypto, such as Japan and Thailand, and improve the investment opportunities significantly. In addition, it is expected that some technical problems such as scalability, due to the inflow of Blockchain developers soon get a grip.

Coinbase launches Crypto 2 Crypto conversion service

Coinbase launches Crypto 2 Crypto exchange service

Coinbase, a crypto-Exchange, with headquarters in San Francisco, California, has launched its new conversion service for crypto-currencies. The conversion service is on as well as in the iOS and Android App available. The conversion from one to the other crypto currency takes place immediately, and is cheaper than to sell a crypto-currency to buy, then the other, with the through the sale of acquired money.
Coinbase will switch the function to the Exchange of crypto-currencies for the customer in all 34 countries in which the company is not available, step free. Coinbase also plans to collect during the introduction of customer feedback and the Service in the course of time to develop. The development teams work intensively with new directives, in order to find a suitable way to get crypto to develop currencies and to improve the possibilities of an Asset efficient in another.

France rejects crypto-friendly tax reforms

France rejects crypto-friendly tax reforms

The French Parliament has rejected various crypto-friendly tax reforms, which aimed to reduce taxes for crypto-traders and investors. Among the rejected Amendments to those capital relate to gains and losses and the crypto-tax exclusions. Not only that, also to in article 16a described Amendment to the effect that profits on crypto-currencies, resulting from the trading on Exchanges, are a tax on the Realized gains when you Withdraw to a Bank account, rather than to tax directly, as soon as a sale has taken place on an Exchange, was rejected.
At the Moment, crypto-assets in France with max. To 36.2%, through the regular income tax are taxed. A design for a tax rate of 30% for crypto-currencies continues to exist, but was rejected by the French government. These Changes would have made the purchase or sale of crypto-currencies is more profitable, but it probably will not for now.

Partnership between Western Union and Ripple

Wester Union, a partnership with Ripple is

Western Union, an American financial services company, has entered into a partnership with Ripple Labs for testing Blockchain payments and is also considering the implementation of crypto-currencies. During the interview with Reuters Plus the Chairman of the Board of Western Union Global Money Transfer Odilon Almeida admitted that the company has considered whether it should accept cryptocurrencies for payment or not. The President also stated that Western Union is examining the potential methods for the improvement of their services through the use of the Blockchain technology.

The Board Chairman also stated that there are two important elements of the crypto-currencies. The first is the digital currency itself, and the second is the technology behind the crypto-currencies, known as the Blockchain. The Blockchain provides companies and private individuals, the storage and Transmission of data, in an adequate and efficient System. There are many interesting applications for the financial services sector, therefore, Western Union has invested a lot of money in the market, exploring the best possible solution for their platform. Lately, Western Union has undertaken in collaboration with Ripple Labs, whether the Transfer of payments on the Blockchain is faster and more cost-effective than the previously used methods of Western Union. The Tests are not yet complete.

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