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Operation ‘Clean Hands’ is raging more: French police are investigating transfer Anthony Limbombe

376d847e24d59ce36ee91edf57aa5d91 - Operation 'Clean Hands' is raging more: French police are investigating transfer Anthony Limbombe

The French police has serious doubts about the transfer of Anthony Limbombe last summer from Club Brugge to FC Nantes. Reports that the French sports L’equipe. When that transfer would be a tekenbonus of three million euros for the half in the pockets of Mogi Bayat, deputy of Limbombe, ended up.

The police of Nantes asked the short Red Devil at the beginning of november all over his transfer. Bayat was at that time in custody in Hasselt. With the spacious tekenvergoeding that Bayat received, would Limbombe and his broker to the French law, circumvented. Which states that agents only have a maximum of ten percent may be collected on a transferbedrag. By the half of the tekenbonus to, Bayat a substantial additional sum to have been able to claim.

Nantes president Kita responded already in the negative on the case. ‘There was from our side, no bonus is paid to the broker. We have, however, a certain amount is paid to the player, that we don’t need to justify.’

The 24-year-old Limbombe was last summer with a transfer fee of around eight (to ten) million euros, the most expensive transfer ever of FC Nantes. Provisionally, it was his transition, however, still no crit. The winger came in twelve official duels to one assist and no goal. Nantes camping is currently at a disappointing fourteenth place.

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