Of which stars, we said goodbye in september 2018?

d0440810a81d0a1a8845ae70d739d026 - Of which stars, we said goodbye in september 2018?

We begin this overview on september 6. Then we said goodbye with Burt Reynolds, this American actor was 86. Only 1 day later we had to again bid farewell to a special young rapper. Mac Miller was just 26 when he died from an overdose.

On september 10, died actor Peter Donat (90). The Dutch singer Anneke Grönloh was 76 and died on september 14.

On 15 september it was the turn of Dudley Sutton, the actor was 85. The American actor Frank Parker was 79 and died on the 16th of september.

Back to the Netherlands, there we took on september 19, farewell of Sjoukje Hooymaayer, the actress was 78. In Belgium died actor Serge Larivière. Known as the Jos from the commercials of Kriek Belle vue. He was barely 60. On september 22 died American actor Al Mathews (75). And on the 27th of september, American singer Marty Balin (76).

Finally, we end this again for a long summary on 28 september. When died the Dutch singer Koos Alberts at the age of 71.

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