Migrantenschepen seek an urgent safe haven

d0371877e807c5c2dc3d8cb00c81b7cc - Migrantenschepen seek an urgent safe haven

On the Mediterranean Sea search for two ngo-vessels, which together account for around fifty rescued migrants on board, to a port to moor. One of them floats for more than a week around. Italy and Malta to let ships of ngos is no longer in their ports, and the weather threatens to go store.

The Dutch-flagged ship, the Sea-Watch 3, of the German non-governmental organisation (ngo), Sea-Watch, it floats for more than a week at sea with 32 migrants aboard. A ship of the ngo Sea-Eye pulled out Saturday, another 17 migrants from a fishing boat.

A spokesman for Sea-Watch says that their ship south of Malta sails. The situation aboard is stable. The weather would be next week, to flip and then it would ship fast a port should find. ‘This year We have a solution, ” said Ruben Neugebauer. Among the rescued migrants are six minors, three of them without guidance. In addition to the impending storms give birth to the tensions on the boat and the dwindling food supplies worry.

The netherlands has countries in the area asked the ship a place to offer, but is of the opinion that, furthermore, nowhere are responsible. ‘The captain must formally establish a safe harbor search. As a flag state we are not required to have safe havens to designate whether to organize, ” said a spokesman of the ministry of Security and Justice Friday at the NOS.

Criticism of ngos

The EU states do not agree among themselves about who migrants by aid agencies at sea to be saved, must absorb. The criticism of the ngos swelled also, because they with their rescues at sea, illegal migration would promote. The voltages for the Libyan coast are to be cut. At the end of last month to let Doctors without Borders know to want to stop rescue at sea, the Aquarius left for Valencia.

Italy and Malta were already several of the ships to the chain. For the Sea-Watch 3 it would be the first operation from Malta the ship back neighbour.

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