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Max Verstappen: “most people understand nothing and have their mouth”

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Max Verstappen has had it with the many detractors. In an interview with the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf, ” let him know that many people are not even able to imagine what he, as a F1 pilot.

Verstappen had this year a very difficult beginning of his F1-season. During the first races he became involved in a lot of accidents and incidents and that made for a lot of criticism on his person. Not only in the press but also on the so-called ‘social media’.

“There are often things said and written that I disagree with,” give Verstappen his opinion about that ‘social media’. “That has purely to do with the fact that people can not empathize with a driver, because they themselves have not experienced.”

According to Verstappen realize we don’t know what a F1 pilot in his car, at more than 300 km/h all are doing, and that he as a rider frequently, and about the limit breaks. Verstappen then makes the comparison with football, which he held as a F1 pilot and his opinion could give.

“I can also have my opinion about football, but in the end I don’t mind. All I think of, when I for the television,” said Verstappen.

“But who does it matter what I think of football like? The trainer is not going to be thinking: ‘Max has said this, so I’m going to flipping’. That I have people just shout about Formula 1. Then I think: most people understand absolutely nothing. Simply keep to the facts.”

It’s Verstappen clearly high, the criticism he often to handle. One must, according to him, even once stop to on the ‘social media’ is becoming more critical, or the know hang out.

“Today, people on social media so easy a opinion, while the person don’t know. And often they dare not in your face to say. Keyboard warriors, so I called them indeed. Well, that will do,” concluded Verstappen.

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