Marina Wally has a message for us

b3807c8c956bb48f98696db59f421f18 - Marina Wally has a message for us

For Marina Wally was 2018 a great year. The singer had a busy schedule and if under the other act on the huge Kamping Kitsch in Kortrijk. And two weeks ago on Camping Christmas in the Oktoberhallen in Wieze. Yes, Marina entertains, that much is clear. For years comparing people to her with her almost three years late father, Eddy Wally. “I’m Eddy Wally not, that is why I do my best”, leave them to the Showbizz-Site know. And what is even more important: “I make with my music and performances, a lot of people happy. For all of you a merry christmas”, signed by Marina Wally.

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