Juncker blames EU member states ‘hemeltergende hypocrisy’ at border control

The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, the European member states ‘hemeltergende hypocrisy’ is blamed in the discussion about a stronger European defenses. “All the European heads of state and government have more than two years, demanded that the Eu’s external borders better would be protected,” he said in the newspaper Welt am Sonntag. “And now come suddenly from anywhere, concerns. That they are a drain on the national sovereignty, that everything is much too fast and that the numbers are too high. That’s a hemeltergende hypocrisy.’

The European Commission had in september proposed to achieve by 2020 a permanent reserve of 10,000 men at the disposal of the European agency for border control Frontex. That there are 8,500 of more than now. The heads of state and government had the protection of the external borders against illegal migration as a priority, proclaimed at an Eu summit at the end of June.

But many European states were critical to the Agency plans of the European Commission. The Austrian EU-presidency, an alliance of the conservative ÖVP and far right FPÖ, suggested to the permanent reserve until 2027 to run up to 10,000.

Juncker said that just those with the largest were critical of the lack of protection of the external borders and don’t want to commit. ‘So Europe can’t function. We must act quickly, so we can be prepared, and the external European borders are also really under control.’

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