Dutch police takes terrorist suspects in Rotterdam

304f55fd95b010419ddcc99425adeec1 - Dutch police takes terrorist suspects in Rotterdam

The Dutch police has Saturday five terrorismeverdachten arrested. In the morning there were four arrested in Rotterdam. In the course of the day a fifth. Sunday it became known that the fifth suspect in the German city of Mainz, was arrested.

They are suspected of involvement in preparing a terrorist offence. Immediately after the arrests in the morning were the locations where the arrests were searched. Four arrested men are between 20 and 30 years old and come from non-western countries, according to the NOS include men of Syrian and Egyptian origin. The fifth lives in Rotterdam, but was Saturday in Germany. It is a 26-year-old Syrian.

The Rotterdam police in Germany for his extradition requested. Or the suspect quickly the Netherlands can be transferred, depends on how he cooperates.

The research goes in the coming days, reported the police. ‘The focus is on further research of the nature and extent of the terrorist threat.’ The police can’t say.

In June in Rotterdam were also two men held on suspicion of preparing terrorism and membership of a terrorist organisation. They would an attack have to want to commit to the security services in the Netherlands.

Rotterdam mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb has already let you know that the stops don’t rise to the security measures around the old-and-nieuwviering in the city to worsen.

In september, seven men were arrested, who, according to the public prosecutor, a major terrorist attack intended to commit an unspecified event. Two of these men come from Rotterdam and one from Vlaardingen.

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