Difficult start to Congolese elections

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The long-awaited elections in the Congo know Sunday was a very difficult start. From different cities come via the social media messages about problems with the electoral rolls and the voting computers. Also in the countryside there would be plenty of problems, but that news seeps more and more difficult. The observers of the Cenco, the Congolese bishops ‘ conference, in a first balance notification about irregularities in 19 percent of polling stations.

Sunday morning got the capital, Kinshasa was a tough storm to process, which many of the streets are flooded and the voters are more difficult to find their way to the polling stations. Outgoing president Joseph Kabila and his ‘dauphin’ Emmanuel Ramazani were well early of the party. “I call on the population to the rain, to defy and to get votes,” said Kabila. Ramazani said that he thinks that the victory is on his side.

Also oppositiekandidaat Martin Fayulu, that in the same polling station had to vote, is already sure of the victory. “Today we are going to the misery and the dictatorship of Kabila to end.” Felix Tshisekedi, the other serious contender among the democratic opposition candidates, agree later in the day elsewhere in Kinshasa.

From different places, there are reported problems with the voter register, which the registered voters of their name. In addition, here and there also problems with the batteries of the voting computers, which in different places are already empty. Some voting computers are also not to get it, on Twitter reported. Apart from that, there are also rumors about the intimidation of voters or observers by the army, and about the bribery of voters.

And even if everything works, there are long queues because of the use of the voice response computer not everyone is equally evident.

The Cenco got to 8.30 am, 2.5 hours after the opening of the polling stations, all 4.857 reports of its observers across the country. 918 of those reports, or 19 percent, reported incidents. More details about this promises to be the Cenco later in the day.

The past few weeks, in the run-up to the elections, ran the thoughts of those in the Congo to a high level. Violence in the margins of the campaign fell, throughout the country, at least ten dead.

The first provisional results will be on January 6, expected.

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