China’s year of the pig celebrate with a film of Peppa Pig

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China will be the year of the pig, that in February, celebrate with a new movie of Peppa Pig, a British animated cartoon. However, were a few months ago a lot of episodes censored by Chinese internet platform. That reports the newspaper China Daily Sunday.

An official list of the Chinese government with films in preparation, contains, among others, the project “Peppa Pig celebrates the Chinese new year” in February 2019 should release on the occasion of the Chinese holidays for the new year.
The film is made by Alibaba Pictures, and the Canadian group, Entertainment One, the rights on the character Peppa Pig. In the cartoon, will the traditional characters play a role, including, as a heroine, a naughty felroos pig, but also newcomers like “Dumpling” or “Sticky Rijstbol”, two classics of the Chinese gastronomy.
Peppa Pig was in the middle of years 2000 first introduced in China and there is become extremely popular. The episodes are dubbed in Mandarin chinese.

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