‘Ariana Grande denies British royal accolade’

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‘Ariana Grande denies British royal accolade’

30 december 2018 11:09
30-12-18 11:09
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Ariana Grande would be honoured with a Damehood, a high British royal honours. The singer, who the prize would get as a result of the benefit concert that she organized for the victims of the attack in Manchester, it would, however, have refused.

Grande would do this out of respect to the family of the persons who were killed in the attack in 2017 at the Manchester Arena, report sources on The Sun. There were then more than twenty dead in the attack, which took place after a concert of the singer.

“Ariana felt honoured, but finds the tribute to be fast,” says the source. “They explained that they are still in the grieving process, just as the families of the victims.”

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