An Lemmens frustrated a bit

0417719405369ba822472d8e40db268d - An Lemmens frustrated a bit

An Lemmens of the last days of the year just made use of it to a short holiday. A far too short holiday actually. An Lemmens was on holiday with Bram Vande Putte, but she took him far away from home to leave. “Specially come back from holiday to read for the Greetings From is a bit of balen”, wrote An Lemmens Sunday morning on Instagram. With apologies to the address of the Bram, all was to return to the cold of Belgium in itself is not such a big disaster. “But to hear that your flight was upgraded, makes my day good.”
Thursday night is the new season of Greetings From VTM to see, as An, at least at the time back at home to delivery in the to speak…

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