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‘Absolutely fabulous’actress June Whitfield died

‘Absolutely fabulous’actress June Whitfield died

The British actress June Whitfield, known from the series Absolutely Fabulous, is 93 years of age died. That, reports BBC.

Whitfield worked about sixty years for the radio and television in Great Britain. She gained fame with the sitcom Terry & June in the eighties. In the nineties, she played in the cultserie Absolutely Fabulous the mother of Edina Monsoon, the main character. Initially, this was a role that only one episode would be completed, but ultimately it was Whitfield all episodes prominent and she was one of the most popular characters from the series.

If a child was Whitfield the taste for acting to address her mother, who amateurtoneel played. Her comedic talent made sure that they could cooperate with some well-known comedians such as Tommy Cooper and Benny Hill. As witty flapuit was Whitfield is a welcome guest in soapseries, making them over the years, also to be seen in Coronation Street, EastEnders and a few episodes of the detectiveserie Midsomer murders.

In 2017, it was Whitfield yet knighted at Buckingham Palace. Since then, if she is Dame June Whitfield.

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