Yellow vests to attract seventh weekend in a row in the street in France

bba6253aeb782f5cf520370e081f0638 - Yellow vests to attract seventh weekend in a row in the street in France

The yellow shirts draw in France a seventh weekend in a row, the streets in Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse and Bordeaux. They protest against the high taxes.

The protest is continuing in France, but the number of participants is increasing. The first weekend came 282.000 people on the street, on the 22nd of december, there were only 38.600 more. That decrease is in accordance with the movement by the new year. They believe that, as of January once again more people on the street will come up.

“Everyone must understand that we are not going to stop,” says Thierry (51) to the news agency AFP. He struggles against the unequal distribution of the resources of France. Also for Monica Piazza de Valence (22) is the inequality. “We are not against taxes, but it’s always the same who should pay’.

The yellow vests go discreet with social media. To the police to give them but at the last moment by which the events will continue.

Since the beginning of the protests in early november, ten people to the life and more than 1,500 people were injured, 50 seriously wounded. Last weekend we were 65 people were arrested, including a promoter.

Also in Belgium there are still yellow vests active. Last weekend, it came to clashes in Brussels, where two people were arrested, and Antwerp, where the police twenty activists picked up.

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