Which famous people died in the June-July 2018?

a6247771928772fad10a35caa7a213af - Which famous people died in the June-July 2018?

While we were in Flanders groaned under the heat we had in July, very famous national and international people give. On the first day of summer vacation death immediately two celebrities. The Dutch artist Armando was 88 and the British choreographer Gillian Lynne, passed away at the age of 92.

Two days later, on July 3, died the American singer Richard Swift, he was barely 41.

On July 5 responded we in Flanders defeated by the death of Vitra, to The Great. She was a well-known Belgian transgender who gained a reputation by the VRT-program M/V/X. De Groote stepped out of the life at the age of 45.

On July 12, died a Journalist Wibo Van De Linde in the Netherlands, he was 79. British actor Bernard Hepton died on 27 July, he was 92.

On July 28 responded to the Flemish music world, defeated by the death of rapper Aziz Özel (see photo). He was found dead in his home in Bicester and was just 28. Still died the rapper a natural death. A few weeks before his death, he was still daddy.

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