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Trezor Hardware Wallet hacked? My Coins are still safe?

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A few days ago scho a message, shocked the crypto world: the 35th edition of the Chaos Communication Congress (#35C3) in Berlin, hackers have found a way the Passphrase of the previously deemed as safe Trezor Hardware Wallets. This means that the Hacker is now possible with the backup of Hardware Wallets is to bypass, A simple physical possession of the Wallets enough now thus, in order to gain access to the Coins. Their results can be seen on the dedicated Website Wallet.Fail in Detail view.

Panic justified? My Coins are still safe?

“What now?” questions many concerned User. My Coins are still safe?

In most cases , Yes. As already mentioned, someone needs to get physical access to your Trezor, and then relatively advanced means of stealing the Kryptos (You have to remove, for example, the housing).

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

While it is welcome, of course, is that the hackers have published their results and the gap is not even used, so it is still a pity that the hackers of the company Trezor not have disclosed the security vulnerability (allegedly) in advance.

This should correspond to the truth behind this is, of course, a bitter aftertaste, since it has thus revealed the existence of an active security vulnerability for which no Update is available. Desirable this vulnerability would have been the first to publish after an Update has been developed.

What can I do?

It is possible phrases with the help of the pass to protect against the attack. However, you should make before using the function with this familiar. Otherwise, you can wait now only for an Update of the Trezor. These are also likely to work with high pressure on a solution of the problem.

And what is a Ledger?

The Ledger Nano S had not “such a serious” security gap.

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