Tom Waes visit the most remote village of Iceland

5a87a73cf3ba7eaf13bd0b410d1bc086 - Tom Waes visit the most remote village of Iceland

Waes has a lot of places in the world, but in Iceland, he is crazy enough to have never been. The country lures in recent years, however, enormous amount of tourists: more than two million per year. But that visit the island especially during the summer months.

Tom goes to Iceland in the middle of winter. And even in harsh weather conditions he finds there is a fantastically beautiful country. But natural beauty is not the reason of his trip. Mjoifjördur is. A tiny village in the Oostfjorden that eight months of the year is closed off from the rest of the country. All those months is the only way to get there diminished and as well as roadless.

Since Tom has known the village of Mjoifjördur and its 11 residents, he gets no more from his head. With a superjeep and what good board of the Icelandic rescue service he goes from the northern city of Akureyri on the way to the east.
“From the first kilometers, I was amazed at the endless white scenery all around us.”

Along its guide Alfred that Tom absolutely must taste the typical Icelandic tradition of Thorrablot. Literally then. Because Thorrablot is a yearly feast at which Icelanders, their old Vikingtradities honor by fermented and even rotten food to eat. And of course, Tom is already screwed.

“I was immediately vomiting. -Roman empire-we-ting. If you see a shark have been caught and then pees.”

With a stomach full of fermented shark dares Tom to the snow-covered mountain pass on the way to Mjoifjördur. It is hours and hours of trudging through two feet deep snow. Of course with the necessary profanity.

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