Social worker, those shoes cobble with adhesive tape, turns out multi-millionaire

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Friends and family of Alan Naiman knew the social worker from Seattle still not as good as they thought. The ‘greedy’ American, who this year died, was a multi-millionaire and posthumously also a generous giver.

Who is Alan Naiman knew, knew that he was every penny twice, turned around, latch on to it in the American media. The 63-year-old man was not a fan of splurge. He cobble several times his broken and worn-out shoes with adhesive tape, and looked shabby with outdated clothes. If he is in a restaurant, then he did that only when he was a discount coupon on bag had. While shopping searched, he always to the very best deals. There was no month over whether he would be extra work to what to be able to earn some extra money to save.

Surprise of size

He did it all because he’s different at the end of the month and money is tight sat, thinking of his friends and family. “We had understood that he had no money wanted to splurge, since he, as a social worker is so much poverty and difficulty to see’, it sounds. But nothing was less true: Alan Naiman had a another very good reason for every penny to keep, a plan where he has been working on.

When the unmarried and childless man died after a long battle against cancer, got his family and friends a letter of notification to his last will and testament to come hear. Naiman had been a fortune. With his own heritage, he had a castle purchased and then he a sport had made to his own account, as much as possible to mexico.

So he hoped millions to charities to donate. Hundreds of poor, sick, disabled and abandoned children received a huge amount of the 63-year-old silent benefactor. He left them a whopping 11 million dollars (about 9.6 million).

“I wish I had met him’

Thus, the Pediatric Interim Care Centre for 2.5 million: the largest donation ever for the centre that babies of drug addict mothers leg. ‘This, we never had to dream’, is the response the director at AP. “I wish I had met him. And that he has the children he now saves, could see.” Treehouse, an organization for the care of foster children, received about 900,000 dollars. ‘The thrift in which he lived, where his life has been dedicated to… It was all for this’, says an employee together. “It is an incredible gift for all of us to witness this pure form of charity and love.”

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