Six deaths by severe weather in United States

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In the event of accidents in the United States by snowstorms, gusts of wind and heavy rains the past few days, at least six people were killed.

During the holidays, many Americans on the way to or returning from family and friends. A snowstorm has large parts of the country affected, from the central part to the southwest. This means that in some areas 20 to 30 cm of snow. At the same time, the southeast with torrential rain until Monday would take.

A previous balance reported three deaths, but that number is Saturday doubled. In Minnesota, two deaths: a man of 51 died in a car accident, and a 47-year-old woman died in an accident between the bus in which they sat, and a car. In that accident were nine wounded. And in Tennessee, a woman came to the camp was with two friends.

A falling tree killed Wednesday night has a wife in Louisiana and on Thursday, fell dead in a road accident due to slippery roads in Kansas. The sixth victim fell in North Dakota, in an accident between a snow blower and a car.

Through the snow since Thursday, more than 1,300 flights canceled and 12.200 flights delayed. At the U.s. airports was therefore the last day chaos.

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