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Sebastian Vettel wants a faster F1 car, Ferrari: “It’s the speed that counts”

7a68899ba63ce0255a2a4862d731e287 - Sebastian Vettel wants a faster F1 car, Ferrari: "It's the speed that counts"

Sebastian Vettel has one big wish for next year, and that is that Ferrari give him a faster car. According to the German determines that speed after all, or the world title can be obtained.

The previous season worked for Ferrari, and Vettel, more than ever, as a challenger to Mercedes and Hamilton. Especially during the first part of the season was that the case. Eventually, however, they lack and have, according to Vettel change. Especially in terms of pure speed of the car can be left there according to the German progress still to be booked.

“I think we have a stronger package,” said Vettel. “This year We have our moments where we are strong races had, but there were also races where we didn’t was very strong, we were not fast enough.”

“I think it’s the speed that determines, more often than not, and I think that us what speed is missing.”

According to Vettel is Ferrari, however, is hard at work to ensure that the next year is even stronger for the day, and can compete for the world title.

“I think we have to work very hard. The motivation is present to that last step that is still missing,” concluded Vettel.

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