Rihanna brings tribute to deceased fan

8d966630665da17f6a23d804fae75f31 - Rihanna brings tribute to deceased fan

Rihanna thinks of her fans. On emotional way, she has paid tribute to Monia, a superfan who, on christmas day, came to death. Rihanna went out last June with the terminal fan with the photos. Despite the support of the singer, died Monia still to cancer. It was already her third battle against the disease. “This christmas we have a beautiful soul is lost that is a beacon of strength for all of us. Most of the time of our friendship was spent in the hospital or at the doctor. This photo is a few months ago, when she told me that the cancer was back. I will never forget the fear I her eyes. Yet she remained strong and she fought every day,” wrote Rihanna in the photo on Instagram.

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