Reynders about fresh Belgian seat in the UN Security council: ‘Consensus-forging’

From January 1, is the seat of Belgium for a period of two years in the Security council of the United Nations (UN). “Belgium will endeavor to its traditional role of mediator to play,” said Didier Reynders (MR).

“Although the pressure on the post-war mechanisms of international cooperation can also be feel comfortable within the dynamics of the Security council, Belgium is planning to make the multilateral vision to embody that us foreign policy since the end of the Second world War is based,” says the minister of Foreign Affairs in a statement. ‘Our country during his term of office remain faithful to the spirit of dialogue and will endeavor to its traditional role of mediator to play in a pragmatic manner: ‘Consensus forging, building peace.’

“Our country will strive to contribute substantially to the debates on all important international issues by the Security council to be treated, with personal touches that our values and expertise reflect,” says Reynders. According to the minister, fits the mandate ‘in the wider framework of the international action of Belgium, that have a strong presents in the area of human rights and commitment to its European dimension’.

What means such a seat mean for Belgium?

In June, in New York, a vote shall be taken to make our country a seat in the UN Security council. There was months and months of intensive lobbied for that seat to get. Buitenlandjournaliste Corry Hancké explains in the video below why our country so badly wanted to sit and what seat exactly means:


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