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Oh, you’re an incredible ‘laadpaalklever’!

79f3b774074fdc7695542aa5e5606f25 - Oh, you're an incredible ‘laadpaalklever’!

If you are hip, you can someone will feel free to rub it down. The Society Our Language has the term ‘laadpaalklever’ just voted the Our Language-a word of 2018.

Annoyance stops in the year 2018 not in traffic when a bumperklever you life, try to acid to make. Nowadays are also laadpaalklevers a real nuisance, as we the 23,000 members of the Dutch association of The Society Our Language may believe. More than a third of them voted for laadpaalklever as word of the year.

Laadpaalklever stands for “the owner of an electric car which is unnecessarily long for a spot at a charging station is occupied”. The word refers, according to director Vibeke Roeper of Our Language not only to the rise of the electric car, but also in a humoristic way to see how people such innovations to use, there is an additional advantage: a guaranteed parking space.

Other words that gave a chance for the word of 2018 to be in the Netherlands:

  • Block-Marbles: ‘group of persons who, in Friesland, a snelwegblokkade up to anti-Zwarte Piet protesters to hold’
  • Vliegschaamte: ‘shame that someone experiences when making a trip, while there are less harmful alternatives are to move’
  • Klimaatgekkie: ‘derogatory term for person who, the theory holds that the warming of the earth’s climate is profound, and irreversible changes’
  • Mooiweermoeheid: ‘the phenomenon that people the fine was because, for instance, that hinder them in their daily functioning’
  • Zeebezem: ‘600 metres long veegarm that plastic from the seas and oceans are fished is going to be’

In Flanders, earlier this month the word ‘moordstrookje’ by publisher Of Dale proclaimed the Word of the Year. It refers to a cycle path right along a road and therefore very dangerous.

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