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Men, too, may now take refuge from the heat

4d1d7d276b9f9879fd2e6e7c528791e4 - Men, too, may now take refuge from the heat

The organization of the Australian Open has a new action plan against the often scorching heat during the tournament worked out.

A striking measure consists in that now also mannenwedstrijden can be interrupted if the temperature rises too high. The women that was already the case.

Umpires competitions in the mannentoernooi after the third set of ten minutes may shut down. The women was such a pause is already allowed after the second set.

In the last edition of the Australian Open increased the temperature at Melbourne Park regularly exceed 40 degrees. A lot of players, including the world’s number 1 Novak Djokovic, complained about the very difficult playing conditions and asked for measures. The organization worked now a new hitteplan. That takes into account, inter alia, the temperature of the outdoor air, the strength of the sun, the humidity and the wind speed.

In the most extreme circumstances should umpires matches shut on the outdoorcourts and ask that the roof is closed on the hoofdcourts. A step is the insertion of a ten-minute break.

‘The well-being of all players is our highest priority. After months of research and testing we have this Heat Stress Scale developed’, let tournament director Craig Tiley noted.

The Australian Open, the first grandslam of the year, begins on January 14.

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