London is still fast 120 million euros for new sea lines after Brexit

f7fe975b23ec7959649c81b6a5b09d3f - London is still fast 120 million euros for new sea lines after Brexit

The Uk department for Transport has in the past few months for 107 million pounds (120 million euros) contracts with ferry companies. London fear monsterfiles in the case of a Brexit, without agreement.

There were contracts concluded with the French Brittany Ferries (52 million euros), the Danish DFDS (52 million euro) and the British Seaborne (15 million euro). They will be additional connections between Britain and the mainland have to take care of. That writes BBC.

In the contracts is to read that the checks that the result will be a no deal ‘may lead to a delay in the delivery of essential goods’. There is concern for monsterfiles of trucks near the ports.

‘Urgency of the situation’

With these additional compounds may almost 4,000 additional trucks from the mainland to Great Britain, or about 10 percent of the current traffic in Dover. The additional connections are made to ports such as Poole, Portsmouth and Plymouth, in the south, Immingham and Felixstowe in the east.

For these contracts, it was not the usual procedure of the public procurement procedure followed, according to the ministry, because of the ‘urgency of the situation’, caused by ‘unpredictable events’.

‘Ironic and insane’

Opposition party, LibDems call these contracts ‘completely insane’. “The government can be a Brexit without agreement avoid, but gives, instead, the millions of last-minute contracts’, says party leader Vince Cable. “And the fact that this money primarily to European companies, however, is very ironic.’

In the British parliament has no majority for Brexit agreement that Brussels and London have closed, what is the chance of a no deal on the 29th of march next year probably.

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