“Keep your hands of our daughters’

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In Rotterdam have more than a thousand people helped in the silent march against vrouwengeweld, after three women, including a teenage girl – in a short time most likely were killed by a man from their environment.

More than a thousand people Saturday participated in the silent march around 20.30 hrs, ended at the city hall of Rotterdam. Start did the participants in the Designcollege, where the sixteen-year-old Humeyra last week was shot dead.

The girl was on the 18th of december, around 13 hours taken under fire near the school building. They fled in the direction of the bike shed, where a bullet in her fatal hit. Her 31-year-old ex-boyfriend is arrested as the prime suspect. Humeyra did in may filed charges against him for threats and abuse. On 11 december did they re-declaration because her ex-boyfriend her a photo of someone with weapons had been sent.

Humeyra is probably the third wife in a short time in Rotterdam was killed by a man from her surroundings. Previously also an American student (21) and a 29-year-old woman in Zuidwijk killed.

Both the mayor when several councillors walked out Saturday night to join in the silent march. ‘Rotterdam speaks out: keep your hands of our daughters’, says Marianne Vorthoren of the muslim organisation Spior, that the mars along organized, to NOS. Rotterdam has, in a short time a number of daughters lost’, according to Patricia Ooms, director of the Foundation for Dona Daria, which is committed to the position of women in Rotterdam, The Telegraaf. ‘Now it is time that People stand up and let their voices be heard to this kind of violence against women to stop, and their support to their next of kin.’

At the end of the march, said the mayor to the crowd. ‘We have the fervent desire to tragedies to occur, ” said Ahmed Aboutaleb, at the foot of the town hall. “This takes hideous forms.’

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